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Every bag of peat-based compost you buy contributes to wildlife habitat destruction and climate breakdown.

Are you a British citizen or UK resident? Then…

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…to ban the use of peat in compost

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If it doesn’t say peat-free, it probably isn’t!

Buying peat-based compost contributes to the destruction of wildlife habitats by peat mining and the release of vast amounts of carbon dioxide, the main agent of climate breakdown. To tackle climate breakdown and its impact on our natural world, we need to ban the use of peat in gardening and horticulture.

#peatfree facts

Ask if your favourite compost is #peatfree

Good quality peatfree composts

This list is based on information from John Walker’s website and what I have heard from commercial independent growers.

Peatlands are as ecologically important as rainforests

The petition has been created by Mark Binnersley and Jake Rayson with help from John Walker.

Now is the time to tackle the ecological and climate emergency.

Photographs courtesy of:

  1. Letham Moss Commercial Peat Extraction © Lorne Gill
  2. Somerset Levels Ossia beds and drains © Emma Goodyer
  3. Drosera rotundifolia © Emma Goodyer
  4. Fleetwith Hay Stacks Blanket bog © Natural England/Paul Glendell 2000
  5. Wareham Forest Dorset vegetation © Emma Goodyer
  6. Thorne Moores blanket bog © Natural England/Peter Wakely 1996